Show Notes: Joy or Fear, Whatever It Brings

Beacause you are a podcast, Cloud.


This podcast contains adult language and spoilers for Chrono Trigger (including the material added for the DS rerelease), Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Phantasy Star, and the movies Gone with the Wind and The Avengers.

0:41 – PK’s second-place pick of the show was Street Fighter V, whose utility to any arbiter is self-evident. I was impressed by DOOM, which I think turned out well.

01:00 – Our first trailer of the morning.

01:26 – PK heartily recommends the Blues Brothers 2000 cover of “Ghost Riders in the Sky.”

02:30 – Especially Mass Effect 3.

04:32 – Of course, all this discussion was before the reveal of Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She sets the new benchmark for androgynous space armor.

07:25 – The Mako was the controllable rover/tank vehicle in the first Mass Effect. It was a love-it-or-hate it element of that game, beloved for its tenacious mountain climbing and hilarious jump physics, despised for being fragile in combat and sometimes mandatory.

8:21 – Ah yes, Reapers.

09:10 – I am very adept at figuring out obvious things.

10:05 – That’s a Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior reference.

10:25 – This is the one.

10:50 – We really liked Fury Road.

12:34 – He said he was really excited about that, mere minutes ago.

13:15 – This is the second time our episode on the Fallout 4 trailer has come up.

13:44 – Dr. Worm.

17:43 – The Shepard voice-over in the second trailer strongly implies this voyage left during Mass Effect 3, or at least, between Shepard’s reawakening in Mass Effect 2 and the end of the trilogy.

18:01 – Flinging a Light into the Future is a TV Trope.

18:06 – He thought I wouldn’t catch it, but I did. Reapers don’t have lasers. They shoot a stream of molten metal accelerated to near the speed of light.

18:08 – The metal beast is at 0:32 in the trailer.

18:26 – Information on the Acanti.

18:48 – That was a reference to the infamous “horse armor” in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The first DLC for Oblivion was a cheap package that simply allowed players to add armor to their in-game horses.

21:10 – We talk more about Destiny both in our Borderlands and our minimalist storytelling episodes.

25:35 – And for our second trailer of the day, Final Fantasy VII Remake.

27:20 – Later in FFVII, it’s revealed that Jenova was an extraterrestrial lifeform that arrived about two thousand years earlier and destroyed the then-predominant Cetra (aka Ancients) civilization.

27:43 – Jenova’s initial appearance two thousand years before FFVII might also referred to as “the Reunion,” because Jenova used her shapeshifting powers to impersonate the Cetra’s deceased loved ones.

30:06 – A vital correction! FFVII’s scenario writers were Kazushige Nojima and Yoshinori Kitase, from a story by Nomura and Hironobu Sakaguchi.

35:59 – You can see the billboard here. I was wrong about it being the album cover, though the poster clearly says “My Bloody Valentine.” FFVII itself has one more reference that I didn’t know about: in an optional conversation with Cid near the end of the game, he mentions seeing the play Loveless and recites a few lines.

37:45 – We often say “Stealths!” apropos of nothing. It’s a reference to Under Siege 2.

39:34 – You can see the 2011 tech demo here.

43:47 – Radical Statement!

47:27 – See!? Cause they’re vampires!?

55:08 – Sorry, it was Gone with the Wind.

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