Show Notes: A Good-Lookin’ Dog

My God… Our soldiers were right… You can find a copy of the podcast here.


This podcast contains adult language and spoilers for Fallout, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Mass Effect 2, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, and The Dark Knight.

02:56 – “Old-Timey Joke Corner” was a Jimmy Fallon bit from SNL’s Weekend Update.

08:52 – This sentiment is actually one of the insights I picked up from a discussion of the Fallout series on the forums.

09:20 – It’s worth pointing out that in the Fallout movie treatment (which you can find at the Nukapedia wiki), The Hub was not a full-size city independently constructed, but a repurposed shopping mall. This is much more in line with the Fallout 3 aesthetic than that of Fallout and Fallout 2, and suggests a much lower degree of recivilization.

09:45 – The rarity of safe drinking water and the danger from the heavily irradiated Potomac River are major themes and plot points in Fallout 3.

11:05 – We apparently have fond memories of this Home Improvement bit. We actually reenacted it in our The Last of Us episode.

13:00 – That’s a direct reference to Mass Effect 2, in which Liara’s laptop serves as quest-giver for missions to help identify the Shadow Broker, even after Liara has identified and killed the Shadow Broker and taken over his organization.

14:55 – Three Dog was the omnipresent radio host in Fallout 3, operating out of the repurposed Washington Monument. In between spinning old-timey hits, he would comment on the player’s accomplishments and overall good or bad karma. His equivalent in Fallout 4 is Travis Miles.

16:10 – But aren’t we unambiguously told that Tenpenny and Moriarty were born in the UK? So this really only makes sense if it’s less than a lifetime after the bombs fell.

16:52 – The dinosaur motel, called “Novac” in Fallout New Vegas, is based loosely on California’s Cabazon Dinosaurs.

17:49 – It is Ron Perlman!

19:15 – Tactile telekinesis was a power that the 90s jacket-wearing Superboy constantly bragged about. “That’s telekinesis, Kyle!” is from “Wonderboy” by Tenacious D.

19:47 – I forgot how furious Fallout 3’s player housing made me – particularly the fact that an NPC can decorate it with one of several themes, each consisting of an assortment of outrageously expensive and rare pre-war items in inexplicably perfect condition. (It turned out that Fallout 4 has not only player housing, but a huge Minecraft-inspired settlement building sub-game.)

20:27 – Radical Statement!

22:00 – They’re called Sigil Stones.

23:49 – To back up my point, I’ll link to this article about scarcity in The Last of Us. PK can back up his own damn point.

25:25 – We forgot that The Pitt DLC for Fallout 3 was all about arena battles.

26:25 – It turned out to be suspended animation.

27:04 – A Fallout 3 quest, The Replicated Man, revolved around an android, indistinguishable from a human, which had escaped from the Commonwealth and sought to live incognito in the Capital Wasteland. (These humanoid “synths” turned out to be a major plot element in Fallout 4.)

30:50 – For those not in the know, Tranquility Lane was one of Fallout 3’s most memorable levels: a vault whose inhabitants were placed in idyllic VR simulations to while away the years until they could return to the outside world. Idyllic, that is, except for the vault’s monstrous designer, who entered the simulation in the form of a cute little girl to psychologically torment and repeatedly murder the vault dwellers. The protagonist’s father is held captive in the simulation, and to escape, the player has to assist the evil doctor in his campaign of mayhem – or solve an incredibly obscure puzzle no one even mentions to look for.

31:54 – This is my wild speculation about capitalism.

32:02 – Crust is our great local bakery.

38:00 – The post in question.

39:55 – We talked about suspense and difficulty in turn-based games in The Hardcast.

41:08 – Dean Domino. I guess he’s really a combination of Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr.’s moustache.

41:40 – The Master. Click responsibly.

48:44 – That’s an oblique reference to Donnie Darko.

49:32 – Okay, I was wrong about the Enclave.

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