Show Notes 19: People Sit in Chairs

And we can run to the end… of the podcast.

This podcast contains adult language and spoilers for Xenogears, Soylent Green, The Empire Strikes Back, and Final Fantasy IX.

5:10 – After the battle with Bishop Stein, Jessie Black reveals to the party that Nikolai Balthasar (Old Man Bal’s son, Maria’s father) hid the details of Krelian’s plan in an R2 unit… er, a Gear, and sent it to Shevat. So that’s why the party goes to Shevat: to recover those plans.

6:17 – Bart’s original gear is Brigandier. And Citan’s is Heimdall. They upgrade to, respectively, Andvari and Fenrir.

7:30 – The Queen of Shevat appears to be a small girl with pink hair. She is in fact over 500 years old.

8:26 – Among the heroes of the war 500 years ago were Bart’s ancestors, Roni and Rene Fatima. Their names are actually a reference to the Figaro brothers in Final Fantasy VI.

8:50 – Diabolos Collapse is really essential.

12:27 – The Queen recruits the party to fight against Solaris, but doesn’t really explain anything of their nefarious plan. She sets them on the path to halt Solaris’ schemes by destroying the Gates and invading the city.

13:34 – Fei’s name is not Fei. That’s important.

14:39 – Something I won’t let PK talk about is really important.

15:05 – Krelian is important.

16:13 – Nanomachines are important.

19:17 – Fort Jasper is dome-shaped.

PK’s thinking of Krelian’s battleship Merkaba – that’s the conical one.

21:50 – The reason the Fatima eyes open Fort Jasper is that his ancestors were among the great heroes of the Shevat-Solaris war and the Diabolos Collapse. Presumably, they appropriated the Fort for use as a weapon at some point in those conflicts.

22:07 – How can a member of Solaris’ elite military be the brother of a surface prince? Well, Sigurd was born on the surface as the bastard son of Bart’s father. Solaris forces abducted him as a child for use as a test subject (they do that a lot), and when he was eventually released from Krelian’s labs, he joined Solaris’ elite Jugend military academy.

23:15 – In the late 70s, Hanna-Barbera created a short-lived animated series based (loosely!) on Marvel’s the Thing as a solo act without the rest of the Fantastic Four. In their version, Ben Grimm was a normal teenager who could turn into the Thing by pressing his rings together and shouting, “Thing rings, do your thing!” If I have to know this, so do you.

23:31 – The party basically came to Solaris just to kick ass, so you could say they accomplish their goal… At this point Krelian captures the inactive party members, orders their execution, and puts the city on alert, so Fei, Citan, and Elly decide to pull a jailbreak and flee the city.

24:50 – Alpha Centauri is my all-time favorite 4X game.

26:02 – It’s called the Gaetia Key (after the Goetia, the medieval tome of demonology?), and turning it started mass-mutating people worldwide into demihumans to serve as replacement parts for Deus, a vital part of Krelian’s plan. He apparently needed the Gazel to do this, which is why he shut them off right after he did it.

26:34 – Cain’s secret identity is important.

30:07 – Citan monitoring Fei for Solaris is important. Fei is important too.

30:24 – It’s not actually all that important that Citan’s wife is from Shevat.

33:54 – Even though the player defeats Grahf and the Executioner, the following cutscene implies they’re about to defeat the party and prevent their escape. Elly’s father attacks them in his Gear, giving the party time to get away, but the Executioner blasts his Gear to pieces with magic.

38:01 – “Ecscape during the confusion” is from Winback, an early prototype cover-based shooter for the N64. When it was ported to the PlayStation 2, comically awful voice acting was added.

38:09 – We mentioned out of order, way back in Part 1, that Ramsus was cloned to be Krelian and Miang’s new favorite science toy. But when they discovered Fei, they tossed Ramsus away without a second thought, leaving him nowhere to go but the very top of his nation’s most elite military unit. That’s why he hated Fei, even before Id kicked his ass.

39:23 – That’s actually wrong. We didn’t get round to explaining it, but the swinging cross is from when Fei – controlled by Id – killed his mother, who was host to Miang. In the anime cutscene, it seems clear that Fei produces an energy blast which is about to circle back and kill him. At that moment, his mother reasserts control of her body and throws herself into the path of that blast, dying to save her son.

41:16 – Gaspar was in Shevat. He’s Yui Uzuki’s grandfather, taught her and Citan the sword, and is also the geneticist who removes the party’s genetic limiters.

42:53 – Rico lied, Elly almost died. Or if you prefer: Rico lied, carbonite.

46:08 – It’s ironic that Ramsus is jealous of Fei’s status as Miang’s preferred plaything, given how stunningly awful Fei’s experience has been.

50:03 – Much of this is explained a little later, but for clarity’s sake:

The sole (human) survivor of the Eldridge crash was Abel, the captain’s son. Deus had already made contact with Abel during the voyage, memorizing the image of his desire – to be reunited with his mother – in the form of Elly. Deus also survived the crash, in the form of the purple-haired Miang. In order to romance Abel and give birth to a new human race, Miang later split into purple-haired Miang and red-haired Elly (forming an archetypal whore-Madonna dichotomy).

At some point, Miang also created the immortals Cain and the Gazel Ministry using the Eldridge’s cloning devices, and mated with them to give birth to more humans. The cloning devices were also used to introduce the tendency to mutate into the population, so that over 10,000 years, enough mutants or demi-humans would appear to provide the spare parts needed to rebuild Deus’ true body.

53:01 – Deus and Miang created most of the human life on this planet (starting with Cain and the Gazel ministers) through Kadomony, a cloning device that survived the destruction of the Eldridge. Kadomony is derived from “Adam Kadmon,” a Kabbalah phrase meaning “original man.”

53:30 – According to my internet research, we got this one wrong. The Diabolos were a previous attempt by Deus to harvest the population and rebuild itself.

54:46 – As PK mentions here, Sophia was the Holy Mother of Nisan, the same position now occupied by Margie. It’s also important to mention that with her friends, she was called Elly.

57:07 – Miang should not be considered an agent of Deus, but the creature itself. She carries its consciousness or soul; in fact, Grahf actually says that she is “its main body.”

58:57 – Obviously Fei doesn’t kill Miang when he destroys Solaris, because Elly’s around after that. When the party, minus Elly, is exploring the Eldridge wreck, Krelian shows up and captures them. Elly, Krelian’s real target, trades herself for everyone else. They attack Merkaba to rescue her, finding her guarded by Ramsus and Miang. When Miang admits she never needed Ramsus once she had Fei, he kills her – enabling her rebirth in Elly, just as she had planned.

1:05:19 – Why did Grahf have to sacrifice himself? After Grahf tries to take over Fei’s body and is defeated, the Zohar Modifier tries to absorb Fei, to make him part of Deus. Grahf merges with Zohar in Fei’s place, giving him time to escape.

1:12:51 – Omnigears are not Diabolos, nor are most of them ancient Gears. Omnigears are created when normal Gears are merged with Anima relics. These relics are discovered and exploited during a part of Disc 2 that got minimal attention, but basically, each relic is embodied in a person’s genes. By shocking coincidence, the people carrying the Anima relics are mostly party members. Once their powers are unlocked, they transform their Gears into Omnigears. Bart is an exception, since his ancestors carried the same Anima relic and unlocked their Omnigear 500 years ago (which Bart finds in Fort Jasper).

1:18:50 – Well, at least his hair went gray.

1:21:27 – Recalling her past lives, Elly narrates, “In those dreams, I loved one man. No matter the day, no matter the era. That did not change, only his name.”

Fei likewise says, “In those dreams, I loved one woman. No matter the day, no matter the era. That did not change, nor did her name.” That’s why Fei knew Elly’s name before she’d given it.

1:22:26 – Cromulent is a perfectly cromulent word.

The final stats:
“This Is Important” Count: 33
“This Is Important” Explained: 22
“This Will Come Back” Count: 16
“This Will Come Back” Came Back: 15

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