Show Notes 17: Ip Man’s in This Movie!

Bring down the planetary shield and prepare to receive the podcast.


This podcast contains adult language and spoilers for Rogue One, the rest of the Star Wars movies, Star Wars Legends stories including Darksaber, Death Star, the Han Solo Trilogy, and the Thrawn Trilogy, and the movie and graphic novel Watchmen.

0:00 – Of course, there’s a lot more to Donnie Yen’s career than the Ip Man trilogy, for example, the beautiful chess house fight sequence in Zhang Yimou’s Hero.

1:40 – I sometimes write a short summary like this for a movie I intend to talk about, to make sure I’ve got the whole thing straight in my head. PK will be relieved to know that we probably won’t include them in podcasts anymore.

2:21 – Correction! As of Star Wars: Galactic Atlas, the new canon uses the BBY/ABY dating system as well.

6:16 – Made it! With time to spare!

7:01 – I’m referring to this thing, the planetary shield generator destroyed by AT-ATs in the Battle of Hoth, as depicted in the film The Empire Strikes Back.

7:32 – Also, planetary shields can withstand Star Destroyer bombardments. If they couldn’t withstand Star Destroyers crashing into them, that would be the obvious first step in any planetary assault.

12:32 – I didn’t make it up!

15:18 – That’s from DOOM: Repercussions of Evil.

16:52 – Reports I’ve heard since this recording suggest that “everyone dies” was always the ending director Gareth Edwards intended – but he initially believed Disney would force him to change it. Although the film’s first writer, Gary Whitta, wrote a happy ending in which Jyn and Cassian survive in an escape pod, it never got as far as shooting before Disney approved the grim finale we see. (That hasn’t stopped some news outlets from stirring the shit with deceptive titles.)

18:57 – Cassian’s ruthless commanding officer, General Davits Draven, is played by actor Alistair Petrie. You might have seen him as a member of Hugh Laurie’s entourage in The Night Manager, or as the Major that BBC’s Sherlock saves in “The Sign of Three.”

24:46 – Darksaber was brought to you by Mr. Kevin J. Anderson.

24:53 – PK the Hutt lives!

25:11 – Baze Malbus was played by Jiang Wen.

29:23 – You might remember Ben Mendelsohn from his villain turn as John Daggett in The Dark Knight Rises.

33:20 – Tarkin’s voice was provided by actor Guy Henry, who also stood in for the character during shooting. Princess Leia’s stand-in was actress Ingvild Deila, but her voice was taken from an outtake of Carrie Fisher’s performance in A New Hope.

34:57 – According to The Truce at Bakura, the crew complement on the Death Star was approximately one million people. There’s no mention, however, that any civilians were aboard.

35:29 – PK’s talking about Mirith Sinn.

36:48 – We do, indeed!

38:11 – For starters, you might try Wookieepedia’s page on the Death Star plans.

39:00 – You can view this masterpiece here.

45:17 – A little while ago I mentioned Bevel Lemelisk as the Death Star engineer, but now I say Qwi Xux. The simple answer is, it depends on which book you read. Another answer, adopted in Darksaber, is that they worked together.

51:05 – Saw Gerrera first appeared in the fifth season of The Clone Wars animated series. He went on to appear in episodes of Rebels set before the events of Rogue One – in the latter case, with Forest Whitaker reprising the role.

52:42 – Leia was disguised as an Ubese bounty hunter named Boussh. According to Shadows of the Empire, Leia was provided with the disguise by the Black Sun crime syndicate, after Boussh had a disagreement with Black Sun that resulted in them having his clothes and him not needing them anymore.

1:03:52 – I assume when PK says “realistic urban warfare,” he’s not talking about Live and Let Die anymore.

1:12:05 – That was a reference to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, in which the Klingon homeworld’s moon, Praxis, explodes due to excessive energy mining. Writer/director Nicholas Meyer intended the incident to parallel the Chernobyl nuclear meltdown: an environmental and economic disaster that would force a rival power to the negotiating table.

1:17:13 – Actually, Darth Vader snap-hisses it up in the final minutes of the movie.

1:17:35 – One of my favorite new features in Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition is the Trinket Table, a list of 100 weird, worthless items for your character to start with. Whether your trinket turns out to be a key plot item or just a personal keepsake is up to you and the gamemaster.

1:19:15 – It’s been confirmed that Darth Vader’s lava palace is on Mustafar – the Rogue One novelization has Krennic specifically ordered to Mustafar for his meeting with Vader. PK has a theory that the lack of a scene-setting subtitle was deliberate, that Vader’s palace will feature in a future movie, possibly Episode VIII, and its location was not called out to avoid spoiling that appearance.

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