Show Notes 14: The Times I Got Us Wiped

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This podcast contains adult language and spoilers for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and World of Warcraft. The show notes also include spoilers for the Warcraft movie.

6:40 – PK is referring to Kel’Thuzad’s cat, Mr. Bigglesworth. Note that this cat is level 5 – small potatoes by the time you reach Naxxramas, but significantly more powerful than a starting warrior!

9:34 – One of the secrets of WOW’s success is probably the way it maximizes your ability to impulse-buy more WOW. In all seriousness, WOW represents a significant step for digital distribution, even controversial as its torrent distribution system for patches initially was, and even though it was preceded by Steam.

11:50 – One of the unique features of “Make Love, Not Warcraft” is the degree of cooperation Blizzard lent to South Park’s effort to make fun of their game. Blizzard provided its own character models and computers to the project, and even granted the use of the Burning Crusade alpha server for shooting the in-game scenes.

29:05 – Patchwerk is one of WOW’s most famous gear checks – simple bosses that deal big damage and require powerful armor to survive. He’s not complicated. He just hits you so hard you die from it.

37:16 – If you’re interested, here’s a trailer for the Warcraft movie. We’ll come back to this subject in a minute…

37:45 – Sorry! Warcraft II’s subtitle was actually Tides of Darkness. Meanwhile, J could be heard making reference to Call of Duty: Sunk Boats DLC.

39:05 – Subsequent trailers added shots of Ironforge and dwarven characters. Magni Bronzebeard even has a speaking part in the final film. But it’s true that dwarves, elves, and gnomes are minimized in the film, probably to simplify the orcs and humans dynamic. At the end of the film, a character cheers for “the Alliance” in front of a crowd prominently including a group of elves, implying that the Alliance between humans and the other races of Azeroth has just been formed.

43:44 – J.C. Denton, protagonist of the freeform FPS RPG Deus Ex, was rendered incapable of smiling by the nanomachines that gave him his superhuman abilities. Surprisingly, his endearingly flat line delivery often lent a deadpan humor to the game’s weighty proceedings.

46:52 – “Mankrik’s wife” refers to an early Horde quest, actually entitled “Lost in Battle,” which charged players with finding said wife’s corpse in the Barrens, one of the main common areas for Horde players of all levels. In the condition that WOW first shipped, it did pretty much nothing to help players find the objects of their quests, and the Barrens was a huge area, so the quest turned into a meme as Horde players were barraged at all hours by newbies seeking directions to the resting place of this martyred bride.

48:08 – During my brief stint in WOW, I took the easy way out on naming my character. I was playing a Night Elf Warrior, so I typed in “Nelfwar.” Well, that was way too obvious. So I put a Y in there. Nelfwyr. Much better.

48:23 – The comic affiliated with this post is also a likely ancestor of Mike Krahulik’s Acquisitions Incorporated avatar, Jim Darkmagic.

49:21 – For those seeking background on the term Nintendo Hard.

50:46 – By “Eric,” I refer of course to my brother Revolver.

1:03:29 – As promised, you can hear my bitching about the “Rule of Two” in our Star Wars games episode!

1:05:13 – PK is referring to Illidan’s nemesis, the Warden Maiev Shadowsong.

1:08:36 – It’s true! PK talked about Dirt Shack in our miminalist storytelling episode.

1:13:28 – I talked at length about my dislike for fighting games in another episode.

1:14:20 – They’re pretty big flags.

1:18:20 – I referred to Minecraft as the Deeper Well, a reference to TV’s Angel.

1:20:51 – The aforementioned Hide and Seek videos set in Andy’s castle:
Part one:
Part two:
Part three:
Part four:

1:23:55 – Once again, the Minecraft CSI story:
Part one:
Part two:

1:25:35 – The answer is NEVER! Minecraft 2.0 was a hoax.

1:26:10 – Sadly, the movie was not good. I got into the series with Warcraft II and was much better at reading the manuals than playing the games, so I am the rare guy whose idea of major Warcraft characters consists of Garona and Medivh. But even I have to admit, with 10+ main character arcs crammed into two hours, this thing failed to tell a comprehensible story to anyone who didn’t already know it.

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