Show Notes 13: It’s All in the Manual

I don’t have to tell you where you can find a copy of the podcast.


This podcast contains adult language and spoilers for Cave Story, Limbo, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Wall-E, Myst, Dark Souls, The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, Double Dragon Neon, Destiny, Fallout 1, 2 and 3, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Monster (the manga/anime), and Mass Effect 2 and 3.

7:42 – PK’s taste in candy is inspired by the immortal sage of our time, Strong Bad.

8:27 – Radical Statement!

14:40 – Odds are the line in question can be found on TV Tropes’ Wham Line page. Spoilers!

22:13 – The Pulowski Preservation shelters didn’t even freeze their inhabitants. Nor, for that matter, did they actually protect against radiation. They could apparently weather a nuclear blast – at least, at some distance – but with no food and water and nowhere to go, the inhabitant was doomed to a slow death, or a quick one. This is Fallout at its most effectively cynical, a cruel but only slight exaggeration of the duck-and-cover mythology of the Cold War era.

25:40 – Double Dragon Neon is a 2012 remake/sequel to the Double Dragon series, released digitally on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. With bright, colorful 80s aesthetics and exaggerated, comical animations, it emphasizes the cheesy Excuse Plots and flat characters of the NES-era originals. It’s also a pretty decent co-op brawler.

29:27 – You can check out EpicNameBro’s channel here.

39:56 – We talked more about stealth in our The Last of Us episode.

52:16 – Mike and Jerry can tell it better than I can. The Minecraft CSI story can be found here:
Part one:
Part two:

52:30 – Sorry, it was called The Eternal War.

56:47 – Andy’s story, one of many: “I played a Khajiit thief who literally never went to Whiterun. Never touched the main story. Destiny? Fuck that. Never learned any shouts. Just did his own thing. He heard there was a thieves’ guild in Riften and became headmaster of that guild and the Dark Brotherhood.”

57:00 – I made reference to a “chicken story” – that’s a Skyrim story in which someone hurts or kills a chicken, accidentally turning hostile the entire town faction that the chicken belonged to, leaving an entire town ravenous for the player’s blood.

1:00:00 – The Corrupted Blood plague is apparently considered so significant as to justify its own Wikipedia page.

1:13:03 – Not to diminish Andy’s dissenting opinion, but see our lengthy discussion of the Mass Effect 3 ending in episode 0.

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