Show Notes 12: Akatosh x Maker Slash Fic

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This podcast contains adult language and spoilers for Death Note, Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and Wing Commander II.

0:31 – I have been unable to find this stultifying person! As I love dull things, I’d be grateful if anyone could tell me who this was.

1:30 – Actually, Oblivion came out in 2006.

5:08 – Incredibly, the Cocky Elf Male was voiced by the multifaceted and omnipresent Dwight Schultz! The Suave Elf Male that I settled on was voice actor Jesse Gervais. And the Violent Elf Male that gave PK so much trouble was the talented Yuri Lowenthal.

5:37 – Mode Master was a secondary villain in one of our favorite lesser-known Square RPGS, Threads of Fate.

7:01 – For more on Alice Cooper’s show, check out the official site here.

13:03 – That’s right, we’re talking about Umaril, sorcerer-king of the long-lost Ayleid culture (the ones who built all those fancy elf dungeons that litter the map in Oblivion).

14:44 – Here’s a look at the Ash Zombie and the more advanced Ash Ghoul.

15:27 – Sorry, he was a Kubaz. His name was Garindan.

17:30 – PK later pointed out that Wood Elves are actually from Valenwood.

23:00 – Skyrim nabbed the distinction of dropping on 11/11/11. Dragon Age II hit several months earlier, on March 8, 2011.

24:43 – We talked more about stealth in our The Last of Us episode.

28:52 – Radical Statement!

31:41 – It was a Chryslus Highwayman.

34:45 – A really excellent fantasy game set in and around a single city is the classic Thief: Deadly Shadows. More recently, I’ve gotten into anime-style urban fantasy with Persona 3 and 4, which take place in a single large city and a small rural town, respectively, and really engender a lot of familiarity and affection for those settings and the people who call them home.

35:54 – PK would point out that Antiva, home of sexy assassins, sounds very fun. At least one scene in Dragon Age II actually calls out in dialogue that all the place names sound threatening.

36:09 – I asked PK if he didn’t like sand, if it was course and rough and irritating and it got everywhere. He said it got in his butt. He also said “Sand killed my Mom.”

37:40 – Steve Blum played a dwarven merchant who would shout super loud every single time you entered the main market area in Dragon Age: Origins’ largest city.

37:56 – The sword is called Topsider’s Honor. It provides resistance to Spirit damage, which (the game will never tell you) is essential for the final boss fight. The story can be found here.

42:40 – I eventually became pretty dissatisfied with the crafting in Dragon Age: Inquisition. I was able to make some really powerful items, but the system, while simple, is obscure in a way that took a lot of the fun out of it. It’s not well explained in-game, but basically, you have materials (different grades of metal, leather, and cloth) and you have schematics. The more powerful schematics are the ones that consume greater amounts of materials, because each piece of ore or leather adds a marginal bonus to the final item’s stats. In addition, some slots contribute special abilities instead of stats; the trick is that there are only about four special abilities found in metal, four in leather, etc. Once you figure that out, you can begin to put together which schematics can be used to get powerful add-on abilities. Incidentally, I found it’s almost never worth it to save materials for long; just make the most powerful gear you can right off.

42:58 – Did you fly through the air like a bird!?

44:52 – Fallout 4 actually added this: you can now only wait at chairs or beds.

48:53 – Revolver’s Three Rules:

  1. Grinding should be fun.
  2. An hour of grinding should show a substantial effect.
  3. Grinding shouldn’t be required at the start of the game.

50:08 – The aforementioned fighting game episode can be found here.

50:41 – I broke your DS this morning.

52:13 – PK meant to say Metal Gear Solid V.

58:28 – For a lot more information on how the peace summit works, look here.

1:01:09 – To have any idea what we’re talking about, see here.

1:04:08 – PK’s making a reference to a (slightly horrifying) Youtube series called Llamas with Hats.

1:04:30 – Tizowyrms are a parasitic translation device employed by the Yuuzhan Vong – basically the Star Wars equivalent of Farscape’s translator microbes.

1:05:22 – Cole made his debut in the novel Dragon Age: Asunder, by David Gaider, which depicts the events leading to the start of the mage rebellion, bridging the gap between Dragon Age II and Inquisition.

1:06:42 – Bad Lip Reading NFL informs so much of our conversations.

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