Show Notes 07: These Pretzels Suck

This ain’t no place for no hero to read on without grabbing a copy of the podcast here first.

This podcast contains adult language and spoilers for Borderlands, Borderlands 2, The Wolf Among Us, Batman: Arkham Knight, System Shock 2, Tangled, Destiny, Game of Thrones season 1, and the movie Goldeneye.

02:45 – Writing credits for the first Borderlands go to Matthew Armstrong and Simon Hurley. Hurley is a producer who’s worked on several Gearbox games. Armstrong left Gearbox in April 2015, having been with them since their earliest projects – expansions for Half-Life. Along with current Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford, Armstrong wrote Half-Life: Decay, and he designed levels for Decay and Blue Shift.

11:25 – Handsome Jack is voiced by Dameon Clarke. In fact, he did play Scar in the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime (though not in Brotherhood). He also did the voice of Cell in Dragonball Z, shows his face in a significant role in A Scanner Darkly, and is one of the few actors to appear on CSI, CSI: NY, CSI: Miami, NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles!

12:02 – General Knoxx’s personality is essentially that he’s tired, exasperated, and doesn’t really want to be your villain. His character is perfectly established in his first line in Borderlands, a five-second sigh.

29:30 – I had some trouble finding Wil Wheaton’s original article on the challenges of voice acting, so here’s a much more recent piece he did in anticipation of voice actors’ near-strike in 2015.

32:47 – Sorry, that’s Randy Pitchford.

36:30 – Here’s that article about Peter Molyneux, who is actually English.

36:45 – Here’s a pretty concise summary of the “Disney method.”

37:22 – Hey, Listen!

37:55 – Credit where credit’s due: see this Penny Arcade comic.

40:27 – “Rectangles for the cause” is actually my brother Revolver’s bit.

42:21 – Apparently, MLG stands for Major League Gaming, a prominent esports league.

51:42 – That’s a reference to the iconic “Materia” ability system from Final Fantasy VII.

53:32 – We’re talking about Face McShooty.

54:47 – Expy means “exported character.” In this case, we’re arguing that some of the Borderlands 2 characters are derived from their Borderlands counterparts in more of a gameplay than a characterization sense.

1:01:03 – Is Krieg really Tiny Tina’s father!? Here’s a quick analysis of the rumor.

1:04:32 – Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin actually is available for PS3.

1:05:04 – For a longer conversation about why I hate Dark Souls, check out episode 64: Necrotic Zombified Troll in Powered Armor.

1:05:24 – Every time you drink a health potion in Monster Hunter Tri, your character does a little muscle flex for a second or two. You have to wait for this animation; you can’t hurry it along and you can’t move again until it’s over.

1:07:12 – If you haven’t seen it, definitely check out the Princes of the Universe video.

1:11:37 – Here is video of Claptrap’s “memelands” comment. Note that he’s not meant to be a commenter, but a game developer; this line is found among many others joking about buggy pre-release code, as seen here.

1:15:22 – When Resident Evil 6 launched, the epilogue was single-player only, where the rest of the game had been forced co-op (with an AI partner if there was only one human player). A subsequent patch added a second player to the epilogue, but he’s just a nameless gasmasked agent who disappears in cutscenes.

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