Show Notes 06: You Don’t Touch Batman’s Woman

You don’t have to defeat six more supervillains to unlock a copy of the episode here.

04:14 – That was a reference to the movie Fargo.

04:55 – Here’s an example of an article featuring the Rocksteady quote claiming that the Arkham Knight would be a completely original character.

05:26 – Hank Mardukas! From I Love You Man.

06:12 – We talk a lot more about Maximum Carnage in our Thrills & Chills episode, including the source of this “worst story arc” award: Rob Bricken named Maximum Carnage the worst Spider-Man story not involving clones in this article.

08:15 – I should mention that Bane “breaking the bat” is somewhat replicated in Arkham Origins, explaining away the continuity error.

13:33 – It’s also not clear why he suddenly had a change of heart with regard to Batman, since he’s been screaming about how all he wants is Batman dead for the entire game.

14:05 – There actually was a Red Hood DLC, though it was initially a retailer-exclusive bonus. The add-on had its own story, though reviews indicate it was severely short.

16:03 – According to Arkham Wiki, Ra’s al Ghul has used Lazarus Pits to keep himself alive for over 600 years. But an Arkham City story in the game features Ra’s experimenting on the Lazarus Pit under Gotham, working to create a cure for death, only a century ago. You could interpret this as meaning that he had previously rejuvenated himself with the Pit, but had never needed to come back from being killed outright before. The wiki page also clarifies that Batman knew Ra’s was impossibly old, but didn’t know how he did it, hence Batman’s surprise at discovering the Pit.

17:48 – Big Fish, for example!

21:46 – Indeed, he does! Arkham Origins reveals that Batman’s first major victory in the Arkham timeline was apprehending Calendar Man.

28:11 – Here’s how Domon Kasshu controls his Gundam.

31:10 – According to Comics Should Be Good, the first appearance of the scattering-pearls image accompanying the Waynes’ deaths was Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns.

35:13 – More information on this ridiculous story can be found here. A comic cover referencing the “First Batman” can be seen here. This story was later retconned away, with Thomas Wayne never having fought crime, only wearing a Batman-like Halloween costume.

36:01 – The “witch” I’m referring to is Shondra Kinsolving. She’s the one who repaired Bruce Wayne’s spinal function after Bane had broken his back in Knightfall.

38:58 – Dave’s Long Box, one of my favorite (sadly defunct) comics blogs, has a great piece on the Superman-Hitman story here.

49:23 – That’s from a song.

52:40 – Poison Ivy is normally immune to all poisons. But then, why was she affected by the Titan formula in Arkham Asylum? It turned her into one massive super-plant fused with all the roots under the surface of Arkham Island, which ripped up through the ground, tore apart the asylum buildings, and vomited poison gas everywhere!

59:04 – “One little bite turns a man to a beast” is from Rum by Gum, a comedy song performed by the Chad Mitchell Trio, which decries the use of alcohol:
We never eat cookies because they have yeast
And one little bite turns a man to a beast
Can you imagine a sadder disgrace
Than a man in the gutter with crumbs on his face?

1:02:17 – The continuity surrounding Damian’s birth is a little complicated. In 1987’s Batman: Son of the Demon, Bruce and Talia conceived a child together (unknown to Bruce), though the story was non-canon at the time. The concept of Bruce and Talia’s son kicked around in various Elseworlds for over a decade, until Grant Morrison introduced the Damian we know now in 2006. But Morrison characterized Damian’s conception as Talia drugging and raping Bruce, an inadvertent retcon of Son of the Demon.

1:13:10 – You can see Google’s definition of “literally” here, though I was mistaken to call out Google alone: Webster, Macmillan, and the Cambridge Dictionary also included similarly informal definitions.

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