25: The Curse That Makes My Body Rot

Once again given flesh by demonic ritual, the guys (and guest star Bryan) bandy words as empty as our souls! About our favorite Castlevania games.

This podcast contains adult language and spoilers for Castlevania games including Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow, Lords of Shadow, Lords of Shadow II and Mirror of Fate, plus the World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

This will be the final Blankcast of 2017! It’s been a great year for Blankcast, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again in the next one.


Show Notes

0:48 – While the first Castlevania’s cover featured a fairly Lugosi-looking Dracula, the count’s countenance on the Simon’s Quest cover bears a suspicious resemblance to the cover illustration of the original Ravenloft adventure, as seen below. Fittingly, Count Strahd von Zarovich turned the tables by pulling a Dracula slouch on the cover of the new Curse of Strahd module.

1:12 – Replete with silly names, the original Castlevania’s ending credits can be seen here.

3:06 – As protagonist Kirby has two eyes, I believe PK is referring here to Waddle Doo.

5:22 – Death Note scribe Tsugumi Ohba remained at a safe distance from Castlevania Judgment, while his colleague Takeshi Obata crafted the game’s character designs.

5:44 – Behold! Grant as he appears in Castlevania III concept art, and in Judgment.


10:13 – Solomon’s Key and Tower of Druaga are notably difficult puzzle games in which the player must climb a tower full of puzzles, which can be rendered unwinnable and require a certain amount of vigilant trial and error. Tower of Druaga in particular has treasures on each floor (unlocked by a variety of weird and unintuitive methods) some of which will be necessary to finish another floor many levels later.

14:35 – By “Trevor,” I mean Trevor Belmont, protagonist of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, ancestor of the series’ original hero, Simon Belmont, and – in Koji Igarashi’s preferred continuity – the first Belmont to defeat Dracula. Alucard, as you might guess, is Dracula’s son. Born from the union between Dracula and his second wife, Alucard never shared his father’s hatred for humanity, and fought back when Dracula warred against the human race in Castlevania III and Symphony of the Night.

26:18 – Artist Ayami Kojima provided the gorgeously gothic character designs for eight Castlevania titles from 1997 to 2010, starting with the smash hit Symphony of the Night. She’s even contributing artwork as a backer reward for the upcoming unofficial sequel Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

28:53 – At the conclusion of World of Warcraft’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion, warrior Bolvar Fordragon – a staunch ally of the player in their battles against the Lich King to this point – declares upon the villain’s death that there must always be a Lich King, and promptly takes up the role.

30:06 – Julius has that in common with Magnus Burnsides.

36:04 – I feel obliged to point out that the dancing ghosts’ names, canonically, are Fred Ascare and Paula Abghoul.

49:41 – The woman in question – I won’t mention her name here – was a community manager, not a developer, so in any event she had nothing to do with the quality of the final game. The game was developed in Japan, guys. She did troll the fanbase by putting forth her designs for a black woman protagonist and transgender rival character (which, incidentally, wouldn’t have ruined the game) and telling anyone who didn’t like them to cancel their preorder. Neither of these concepts made it into the game – because she was a community manager, not a developer – still, “drop your preorder” is probably not what you want from a PR person.

53:07 – That’s the talented Michiru Yamane! And indeed, she’s contributing music to Bloodstained.

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